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Vehicle Wraps If you have gotten to this point we can skip the whole justifying why wraps are important. If you need further clarification, contact us and we will share our information. Let’s instead discuss quality, from the time we started in 2002 and were one of a couple companies in SoCal that offered wraps to being 1 in 10 just in our local city. So, why are we still the best choice? Quality, quality, and quality. 3M Envision is our top-shelf wrap material, but we also have more economical options. First, if you’re shopping around make sure who you are working with can at least match their claims. For instance, when we tell you a material will last three years it’s not because the manufacture has told us–it’s from hard-learned lessons of what can and cannot be used. All of the materials we use are field tested on our own vehicles to ensure the quality. Materials don’t stop at the vinyl, and in most cases the ink used is just as important. We only use Factory OEM inks not because we like spending more money than everyone else, but because we know from experience you can’t control the quality of your printing and longevity of you wrap with 3rd party ink. Yes, your wrap will fail at some point and we will be here to support you from conception to removal with full disclosure the whole way. If you’re looking for a chop shop company that throws wraps together one after another we are not your guys. If your looking for experience and quality come in for a 15 min consultation and you will have 100% confidence moving forward with Trinity.

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