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What is a performance product?

In our world its a visual product the improves function. For example this can be a Motocross Graphic kit or a custom designed Pro erase board. Im some cases this is taking a Service and combining it with a Product = Performance Product. Think of Trinity as a large scale arts and crafts with all the cool toys and tools to build anything you can think of. Thats what we do.


Motocross Graphics

TrinityGFX and Zing Racing have been in the Motocross industry for some 20+ years and have supported countless Teams in that time. Over the years we have found the right combination of materials for our proprietary printing technology that serve the best interest of the client and demands of Factory Racing. Our first priority is building the highest quality kits possible. Let the other guys blow up instagram with second rate laminated digital kits. If you want what the Factory boys use step up and we will build you a custom solution for your needs. Sub Surface screen print is the the gold standard by which all other are judged, Digital is a great solution for low quantity fast turnaround but lacks the durability and HD colors Chrome, fluorescent and metallic silvers that screen printing offers. At Trinity we keep both in-house and will reach into that arsenal to pick what works best for each project.

“I will continue to print the highest quality Motocross kits as long as we are in business. Weather or not it pencils out I love this sport and it will be the one of the many things I do just because I love it”. Bob Zingg



No need to paint or tape lines on blank whiteboards anymore! Trinity Pro erase boards bring organization and visual appeal to your walls. The boards are manufactured in-house in the USA. Each board is between 1/4 to 1/2 inch acrylic pre-drilled and coated with a proprietary Pro-erase laminate with your custom inlayed artwork subsurface protected by up to 1/2 inch of acrylic and laminate. Each kit will include necessary instructions and Aluminum standoffs to complete a clean professional installation. Ask your representative for our template layouts often we can modify an existing design with your custom colors and logos. We recommend these sizes based on sipping and usefulness:

2ftx4ft (best)

3ftx6ft (good)

4ftx8ft (only if necessary) Extremely costly to ship, difficult to handle and too large for most applications

**Check in soon for available lighting kits.


Monolith Systems

This solution is the child of years of event production setup using traditional stage truss. After frustrating experiences dragging truss all over the country or renting metric truss overseas I wanted to create something that could go on the airplane or fit in the trunk of a car. Our clients love the look of lite truss with custom branding but really don’t care if its truss they just love the result. By using 12v battery power this kit is designed as a domestic or international use product for indoor or outdoor use. By using a slim wind profile they are perfect for outdoor dark conditions again with 12v dc power there is no chance of electrocution or fire. They can be setup with motion detectors, photocells, color mixing and strobe. By using a sophisticated power management program we can drag a single battery performance out for several days of active illumination. A basic kit will include (1) 2x2ft base and (1) 1x1x8ft Monolith. Graphics packages can be custom designed for the clients needs. Additional add ons: Batt+ Lighting, RGB lighting, Programer, Photocell, motion detection and ground spike.


Trinity Solutions

Assault Bikes, Concept 2 rowers, wall ball targets, lifting platforms, workout erase boards. We build durable visual enhancements for a full line of sports related products. A client that visits your business is a rare opportunity show them how good you are at your profession. The walls should illustrate your brand your equipment needs to be an extension of that.

Why not? because its difficult, thats where everyone else stops

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